Boba Bar Teahouse & Eatery

I'm a big boba enthusiast and last night when we (Jarren and I) were planning to go to San Jose, I looked on Yelp to check out some great boba places. I scrolled through some here and there and saw Boba Bar Teahouse & Eatery and thought it was pretty chill to go there. 

So, Jarren and I came here today after eating our big healthy breakfast. The Boba Bar was located at a pretty chill place. Outside, I saw a friendly orange cat just sitting on the table in front of Boba Bar, enjoying the nice weather. Later, when we went inside and ordered our drinks, we saw this awesome wall painting that was filled with cats and boba on the left side of the teahouse. Jarren pointed out that the wall painting was dedicated to Carne, the orange cat that was just outside of the teahouse, and was drawn by David Baker! Cool, cool. 

I loved the interior of Boba Bar, and honestly if you have a good interior, you have a piece of my heart, because I love admiring interior designs. It was really spacious and when you walk inside, you kind of have that cozy, warm, home feeling. 

Anyways, I ordered a regular Jasmine Milk Tea with boba with regular sugar and ice level just to try things out before trying any other drinks. It was pretty sweet. I typically drink milk teas with less sugar now-a-days and light ice, because I like the taste of tea. The boba was sweet and chewy as well, but a little bit soft. 

I'll definitely come back next time when I go back to San Jose, because I really liked the customer service, the design of the place, and the things on the menu! ^^

Here's a link to their website if you were interested in going there Boba Bar Teahouse & Eatery