I understand if you were confused, wondering where 'A Visit Down to LA: Day 1' blog post is at. I didn't post one. There was no need to, because my first day trip was basically driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We (as in my parents, my aunt and me) left our house super early, around 5:30 and  got stuck in traffic on Highway 5 because a ton of people had the same idea of going down to LA for the 4th of July fireworks. But when we all got there around 11, we were all so tired that we just stayed inside my aunt and uncle's house the whole day, feeling the cool AC breeze and sleeping in my aunt's room.

To be honest, I wasn't really that excited to come down to LA in the first place because my parents had me take four days off from work and we didn't have a single idea of what we were going to do in LA, rather than just spend my uncle's birthday--which is today, the fourth of July. So I was pretty much bummed because it seems like we don't have anything exciting going on. But today, the adults had a plan to go to Malibu because my mom wanted to pet a baby elephant? I wasn't quite listening to their conversations, but more of eavesdropping here and there and not asking any questions. We drove two separate cars, my uncle and my dad rode in one car, and the girls and my dog Treasure rode in the other car--and I had to be the driver.

A picture of me driving taken by my aunt Ti-An sitting in the backseat

A picture of me driving taken by my aunt Ti-An sitting in the backseat

After getting to Malibu, we let Treasure out of the back and we walked around. There were signs saying "No Dogs on Beach", so the closest thing Treasure could touch, was the sand by the bathroom stalls. I decided not to go walk around the shore because taking off my shoes and socks would be a hassle for me, and getting them wet and trying to rub the sand off my feet and wearing my socks and shoes again would feel very uncomfortable. So I told everyone that I would watch Treasure and everyone else could walk around the shore and play in the waters. 

Later on, we got back to our cars and my uncle decided to drive to Topanga to let my mom see her baby elephants. I asked while I was driving in the car why we were trying to see elephants. She gave me the shortest reply saying she just wanted to see them. I asked if we could hug them or hold them, and she told me that they might be very heavy. So I just didn't say anything. When we got there, I was surprised because I thought it would be a place that looked like a zoo--but I was wrong. It was a place full of zen feels and Buddha sculptures everywhere. I followed my mom and my aunts out of the car and explored the area with my cousin.

The place looked very peaceful. We arrived at an outside store called Jalan Jalan Imports. Walking inside the outdoor store, there were sounds of water coming down, and soft music around and about. Usually, I'm a person whose afraid of spider webs and flies… but seeing this place today, I just wanted to go up the old vintage stoned stairs and explore the areas even when there were spider webs everywhere. 

After a while of being at the outdoor store, my mom finally found her elephant she was searching for. It was a statue of a beautiful petite elephant that is standing on four legs. She went inside to purchase the elephant, my aunt bought a wooden sculpted duck, and my uncle bought himself a stone frog. The owner of Jalan Jalan Imports was very nice and sincere, and the inside of his store was filled with many paintings and sculptures as well. 

After driving back from Topanga, we all took our afternoon naps once again. 

In the end, to celebrate my uncle's birthday, we first decided to eat dinner at this one beach area, but we weren't too sure if it was open on the 4 of July. Instead of driving an hour to that eat, we made our decision that we were going to eat a seafood Chinese food place 10 minutes away from my aunt and uncle's house. 

Happy 4th of July everyone. Be safe!