Carmel Beach

Driving to Carmel Beach from where I live takes at least 2 hours or more. I thought it would be a lot faster, but that day traffic was pretty heavy. 

When Jarren and I got to our destination, our first stop was to find a place to eat--since we didn't eat breakfast. At first, we wanted to use Yelp to find some good restaurants to eat at, but then we just decided to walk to some place and see the menu selection from outside and walk in... and we found Le St. Tropez.  We were both kind of tight on money so we just decided to order the french onion soup (which was amazing) and an Ahi Tuna steak (which was also very amazing). 

After eating, we walked towards the beach and visited many different shops. 

The beach, I must say, is amazing. The sand felt great in between my toes, but just a fair warning, there are many twigs in the sand while walking towards the shore. Sadly, Jarren and I didn't bring our swim suits because we weren't entirely sure if 70 degrees is warm enough to swim in the waters. So we just rolled up our jeans and soaked our feet in the steep water.