Summer Breeze at Santa Cruz

The weather was perfect today at Santa Cruz! The sun was warm while the cool breeze gently glides onto your body so our body temperature wasn't too hot. When we got to Santa Cruz, the first thing we did was find a restroom, and then find a place to eat.

We ate at this bowling alley where they had a bar in the next room, and first look at the food that people were eating, I didn't expect it to taste so well, but once I took a bite of the fries and my Veggie sandwich, the food just melted into my mouth. The fries was delicious. They were a typical chunky thick fry that you would see at any store, but they added some kind of flavoring to it to make the fries taste sooooo good. Just the thought of these fries makes my mouth water. 

After early our early dinner, we all decided to take a walk to Boardwalk. At first we wanted to ride a few rides, but we didn't want to really spend $4-6 bucks on one ride, so we changed our minds and wanted to take a stroll to the beach, where the waves washes up to the sand and pulls itself out towards the sea. 

I wasn't really wearing the right shoes to the beach because I thought we would just walk around on the ground and not the sand, but Jarren and Eddie were both wearing flip flops so they were all good--but I was wearing my black Toms--so I couldn't really get my feet wet... Later, I just told myself, forget it, I'll just wash my feet later at the rinsing place because I couldn't resist not being able to dip my feet in the waters and having my feet sink into the sand while the waves wash up to shore and pulling me back in. The weather was so perfect so I just rolled up my jeans from All Saints and carried my Toms and my denim jacket in my hands and ran around like a kid with Jarren and Eddie. 

Walking back, I saw a sign saying Ice Cream, and I felt like having ice cream that time so we all went in and got ice cream at Loard's Ice Cream. I got the same (my favorite) chocolate ice cream. It's pretty sweet, but I really love the taste of it. 

I really didn't want to go home, but knowing I had work tomorrow, I had to go home and sleep early tonight. But I'm not regretting this random road trip we had today, even though driving to Santa Cruz at the rush hour was seriously a terrible idea because we got there an hour and 30 minutes later, but everything was perfect!

Oh, and the last two pictures with the Americans were random people, I was trying to take a picture of Jarren and Eddie because the background was so nice, and they were walking by and the man just decided to step in and say, "Go ahead, take the picture." So I laughed and said, "Alright..." Later after that, his wife and daughter stepped in and decided to be in the picture as well so we were all laughing and I just snapped the picture. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! (: