My Afternoon with Katell

Drinking tea in the late afternoon with Katell at Stanza Coffee in Haight Street. 

Katell and I aren't coffee drinkers like most people, and we were actually going to drink tea at a different place, but that place wasn't opened at that day so we decided to check Stanza Coffee out instead. 

At that time when we were arrived, there was no line when we were checking out the menu, but as we turned around after ordering our tea, there was suddenly a long line right behind us. Thank goodness we got there earlier because I hate lines. :P

The place was pretty small and quaint, and it seemed pretty cozy once you walked into the coffee shop. There is no rush for you to leave, but mostly people who order coffee tend to wait on the side and leave after they get their drinks. I, for one, like to sit and admire the store while talking to my friends and drinking tea. (:

Coffee drinkers, I do recommend you to go and check Stanza coffee out because they have a TON of coffee selections, whereas for tea... not so much. 

Oh, and, there is a bathroom at Stanza, but you would have to ask the baristas in order to go in because they would have to buzz you in. 

After Katell and I finished drinking our tea, we walked around Haight Street and admired each stores. I never really walked in to a lot of different stores other than Wasteland a few others, but this time we both decided to see how some of the small stores are running.

Oh, I saw this cute Pug laying on the floor at Wasteland, and he was so sweet. When I saw him and I said "aww.." and started wagging his tail and stood up trying to walk over. I hesitated on petting him, because I thought his owner would be mad, so I slowly walked over and pet him but said good bye because we had to leave. 

After walking around in Haight street, Katell invited me over to her place to drink some tea and we went over to see her apartment. 

She let me choose one of the different types of tea she has. Some of her teas are from France and some are from David's Tea. I chose the nice smelling berry tea she brought from France and we enjoyed it while sitting at the dining table and talking even more.