Brunch at Thyme for Tea

This morning before Jarren had to leave to San Francisco for work, I decided that we should go eat brunch at Thyme for Tea at Niles Canyon. Thyme for Tea is a cute tea party place for grown ups to eat with little sandwiches, tea and dessert. The drive there from our place would take about 30 minutes locally (not on the freeway) and when we got there, there wasn't any wait, but quite a few people already sitting there with their tea sets ready. 

Outside the place, still in the store, there would be a ton of jewelry and tea sets all over in the little store, and yes, you can actually buy them to have a little tea party at your own home as well. 

The wait at Thyme for Tea for the food to come would always take a while, but you the food and tea would always be extremely hot so you know that they actually took the time to make your food. Most of the food--or should I say, snacks--would be kind of like a sampler plate. They would have this beautiful tray with flowers, and on the stands would be assorted with different sandwiches depending on what you chose to buy to eat.