It's actually been a while since I've listened to Zedd--actually since 2012, when the song Clarity was first super popular. I loved Zedd before, and honestly, the only reason why I stopped listening to him was because his song's started to become overrated and repetitive. The music was not the same, it didn't seem like to me, was very hard to produce (not that I know how to produce music.) but the beats were just the same, and nothing interesting to me. 

A few days ago, I was on iTunes music, and was about to buy the song Mikasa from the artist Veil of Maya, and I saw that Zedd's new album "True Colors" was on the top and had 4.5 ratings. The album cover was pretty sick, and I heard some good reviews about this album, so I decided to give it a listen. My first song that I heard was Addicted to Memory, and oh my god, this song was amazing. I'm giving kudos to Zedd, because his music taste is becoming so much better than before. I bought the album instantly and still currently listening to his whole album on replay--there are still a few songs that are repetitive, but the other songs are still pretty sick... I hope you guys check out his new album and support him!