About My Silver Hair

Silver hair / grey hair. Here is my opinion on silver hair. 

Many people, like myself, believed that silver hair can be obtained in a day's session, but I just want to say, no. I've experienced it, and it's just not the case. As an Asian girl, our hair tends to be super duper dark brown--We're probably on the scale of 2-3? I was on the scale of 3, and in order to get your hair silver, I had this hair stylist (that I did not do much research on), bleach the crap out of my hair in a day. Basically, she bleached it four times and I was pretty freaking blonde. But. My scalp was all bleeding/scabbing and she said I was done. At first, I was like, okay with it. Later I got home and I was pretty much horrified with my hair because this was the beginning of the year, and Summer was about to come and I wanted to be tan during the summer, so blonde hair + a tan Asian girl like me, would probably not work out so well. I wrote a pretty nasty review on Yelp cause I was pissed.

A few days later, the salon manager contacted me to try and make my hair silver again with a different hair stylist, her names Lucy King, and she did my hair oh so pretty and silver. I fell in love. But as you know, I'm Asian, and our bottom hair tone--no matter how much you bleach--will always be yellow. The silver faded away within like two weeks? 

Anyways, fast forward to now. I still have silver hair. I just got my roots touched up two weeks ago, and whats really funny is that many people ask me if this is my natural hair color, or if I'm wearing a wig. No, my natural hair color is dark, dark brown, and no, I'm not wearing a wig. *laughing&crying* The silver stays on my hair a lot longer. Especially the roots where it was the virgin hair, the colors actually stayed on a lot longer than the bottom parts. 

Common questions that people ask me are: 

Why do you always cut your hair?
Well, hunay, if you don't, your bottom hair will die. When you bleach it so often, your bottom strands will start to split and fall off. You got to keep trimming your hair in order to maintain the healthy silver hair. 

How long does your silver hair last?
Before, when I first got my silver hair, it lasted only two weeks. Now, the silver fades after a month or two. 

How many times did you bleach your hair?
A lot of times. But don't do four times in one day. You have to let your hair rest/breath. My fault was that I had it done in one day, my scalp was bleeding, and the side of my hair was thinning out. Not worth it. But, thank goodness my hair is pretty thick and stubborn though, so I didn't completely fall out. Apparently, if it was normal hair, a ton of your hair would just fall off if you bleached it that often. Total times I got my hair bleached to achieve my hair color now? 6-7 times. 

How do you maintain your silver hair?
Use purple shampoo! I always squeeze out however much of shampoo and a tiny bit of the purple shampoo. Mix them both on my head and just massage through my strands. Usually, I would do this when I start seeing some yellow in my hair, but recently I started to do this even when I have the silver hair. 

How often do you wash your hair?
Every 1-3 days. Kind of sounds nasty, but my hair really needs the natural oils in order not to be so dry from the bleach.  

Why did you want to get grey/silver hair?
Because I always wear black and I wanted something to be bright other than the color of my skin on my face. Also, I got inspired by Ashlyn Buchi's hair. She's got some bomb ass silver hair!