Here's to the end of 2015, also what I've been listening to on repeat.

For Issues, it's a mixture of hip hop and screaming. I saw them in October at Sacramento and I wanted to reminisce some of the songs they've played live. I've been kind of excited to post this for quite a while now, since I found some new artists from my friends and Soundcloud. These are some of the songs that I have been listening to over and over again since the beginning of December.. Also, I've been feeling very upbeat in December, so here's to a new and better year! 

For Syntact's song, Shallow, I'm not entirely sure when he released this song, but when at first playing it, I was thinking to myself, "hey, I kind of like this jazzy vibe..." And then there was the piano coming along and bam, the funky beats start coming on (I'm not really good at describing music/beats, lol). I felt like I was floating on clouds. 

Dabin's song, Hold, is actually pretty deep. At first, I fell in love with the singer, Daniela Andrade's voice. Later on, I started to listen to what the lyrics really meant and I understood it. The beats super nice too as well, and although it may sound kind of repetitive, but Daniela's singing makes the song sound not so repetitive and it balances the beats out as well. 

1. Sad Ghost + Issues
2. Hooligans + Issues
3. Azure + Romos
4. Almost Is Never Enough + Ariana Grande (feat. Nathan Sykes)
5. Hold + Dabin & Daniela Andrade
6. She Was + Dabin
7. Shallow + Syntact
8. Hot Hands + Darius

Anyways, let me know what song(s) you enjoyed listening to!