Periphery Concert

Watch Jarren and I watch Periphery (see what I just did there lol) in San Francisco on January 28, 2015. Jarren had a little birthday surprise for me before I finally turned 21. They also played a few of their songs before their album was released. 

If you like progressive metal or Periphery, here are some of my favorite scenes that I've recorded. And, I know, that it's rude to have your phone out most of the time at the concert, but it was my very first concert that I really ever went to, and I just wanted to treasure and remember every single moment. 

Let me know what you guys think, enjoy! 

This was also pretty sick, but as soon as Jarren and I got to San Francisco and was walking towards the inside, Jarren said, "Hey, isn't that Mark?" And pointed afar. At first, I thought Mark was a friend of his and I couldn't see clearly since I didn't bring my glasses, but as soon as Mark started walking towards us, I immediately froze. Thinking to myself, oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd, it's Mark from Periphery. Jarren asked if I wanted to take a picture with him and I was like HELL YES. But I really didn't do that, I just nodded with a big fat smile. So, I got to take a picture with Mark before I saw him live at the concert, and this was the best night ever. 

Until next time, Periphery!