From the Bay to LA

This Summer to celebrate our two years of being together, we've decided to take a trip down to LA for 3 days and just have some fun exploring everywhere. We booked our hotel on Jetsetter and found this amazing vintage hotel called Hotel Normandie located in Korea Town (which was the best idea ever, we loved Korea Town).

DAY 1 | 07.16.15 | Later on we just explored a little more but relaxed for the rest of the day since we had many other plans in the next two days of staying in LA.

I bought this coconut water at the Line Hotel and it was super expensive. I ended up not drinking a lot of it cause I wasn't sure if I was feeling the flavor or not. We checked out this vape shop near by and Jarren bought Doughnuts, it's strawberry donut flavored (super gewd). Ate some good and cheap Thai food while we were waiting for our hotel room, and went to Paris Baguette bought some breakfast and snacks to eat at the hotel for later at night. 

DAY 2 | 07.17.15 |

We woke up a little late and had brunch at Cafe Concerto. The food and drinks were delicious. The tea set up was really unique as well. When they served you the tea, the top of tea was still hot and the bottom is filled with ice, so you pour the hot tea into the ice and just drink from the bottom. 

Later, we just went to Santa Monica beach and swam for a bit, went back to the hotel, showered, and went out again to go explore at the mall nearby.

By night, we went to this bomb ass Mexican restaurant called El Cholo, that was freaking amazing. I had the best tortilla soup (vegetarian) there and no where in the East Bay could beat that yummy soup that I had. The food was super good as well! I haven't stopped talking about that place ever since I came back from LA and hopefully next time I go back to LA, I'll go back to El Cholo and eat my heart out <3

DAY 3 | 07.18.15 | It was our last day in LA and we made plans to hang out with one of Jarren's good friend that was living in LA as well. So we started our day by going to this awesome cafe called Cafe Korobokgur, and same routine, ordered a bunch of food cause we love to eat and try out new things. I loved the interior design of this cafe, it was very unique and cute. Many people tend to go there to study and I saw quite a few people bring their books and laptops there and just eat and do their work. 

Oh, I almost forgot, I got my nails done at Choco Nails in Korea Town as well cause I know how much we Asians can do nails hella good. So I had to get my nails done while I was in Korea Town and show it to my friends and family when I got back to the East Bay. ^^

I also used to live in Fullerton when I was younger before moving to the East Bay, so before going to Jarren's friend's place, I had to check out my "home". When I got there, my heart was beating super fast. My old house looked exactly the same, except there was new paint on the exterior walls and windows. This lady that was vacuuming inside the house near the front window came close to see what we were doing, and I really wanted to go knock on the door and say, "Hey, I used to live here." And maybe introduce myself and ask if I could come in to see my old house... But I ended up not doing it and felt total regret afterwards. 

Anyways, we left the place and went straight to his friend's place and found out he was going to get us into a club for free so we can just chill and enjoy our last night in LA.