October's BarkBox

If you have a dog and you don't know what BarkBox is then you're missing out. 

BarkBox is a company where they ship you a handpicked specialty box of dog goodies every once a month to your door. That includes: toys, treats, chewies, and more.

Treasure's October Halloween BarkBox edition |Photo: Melinda Wang

Treasure's October Halloween BarkBox edition |Photo: Melinda Wang

At first I was pretty hesitant on ordering the monthly special dog box, but I read their website and they also help shelters and animal rescues as well. So I clicked subscribe last month, September, and I got their BarkBox last month, and they delivered their Halloween BarkBox this month for October.

What I thought was super cute about this company is that they have different paper wrappings every month. This month had a cute Halloween BarkBox logo with dogs dressed in their Halloween costumes, and inside was a cute card with dogs dressed up in different Halloween costumes as well. Inside this box this month was two cute Halloween squeaky toys, the inseam is sewn inside so it is harder for Treasure (my corgi) to chew the toy and rip it apart. Three different types of treats, one was a organic pie tasting treat made from apples, the other was chicken strips, and the last one was a pig ear. 

Point is, Treasure is super happy. He's been happy since I got him new treats that is delivered monthly for him--and honestly--I'm pretty happy myself. The box and the wrapping gets me all excited whenever I open the package for Treasure, and he's just sitting by my side trying to figure out if he can eat the treats or not. ^^