Last night on Wednesday, January 21, to celebrate my birthday early, my boyfriend Jarren took me out to Benihana at Japan Town, San Francisco. This was my first time going with Jarren, and everything was super exciting. I got really scared sitting in front of the chef because I thought the knifes and fork was going to come out and cut me in the face (which obviously didn't), BUT STILL, I was pretty nervous.

Benihana was amazing. I really hope you guys would try it out, the food there was super good... and PLEASE DO try the fried rice! It's worth the $1.50! They start you off with soup and salad, green tea is on the house, you have your side dishes: onions and veggies, and in the end, they make all of your entrees. After dinner, my face felt so oily because of the smoke blowing into my face, my contacts were super dry, my clothes smelled like food haha.

Photos were taken from my iPhone 6+. Filters were edited from VSCO & Afterlight